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2018  Find-of-the-Month  Competition

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1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Civil War
Lanier Lowe
1851 Pattern Sword Belt Plate

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David Johnson
US Puppy Paw Belt Plate

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Philippe Fuentes
Block "I" Button

Click to Enlarge
Matt Steed
1792 Counterfeit Spanish Reale

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David Johnson
1950 Franklin Half Dollar
Click to Enlarge
Bill Siesser
1942 Australian Penny
Click to Enlarge
David Johnson
WWII American Defense Service Medal

Click to Enlarge
Greg Bruss
Platinum Mens Wedding Band

Click to Enlarge
Gary Jackson
Sterling Silver Ring
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Monthly FOM Winners From Past Years


Annual FOM & Master Hunter Awards




Find-of- the-Month Guidelines
At each meeting club members may enter their finds from the
previous month in each of three categories:

            1) Civil War/Pre-Civil War relics
            2) Coins
            3) Treasure

Club members then vote on first, second and third place in each
category. The winners receive "points" for each place (five
points for first place, three points for second place and one
point for third place). At the end of the year, prizes are
awarded in each category to the persons with the most points in
that category.  In addition, the person with the most points
overall, calculated by combining the points earned in all three
categories during the year, is named "Master Hunter of the Year".

Awards for the previous year are presented during the January or February
meeting. First-, second- and third- place winners in each
category receive a plaque; the "Master Hunter" winner also receives a
plaque. Rules for entry of finds are as follows:

   1. Finds must have been made in the month prior to the
      meeting.  A "month" is the period from one club meeting to
      the next (not a calendar month). "Stockpiling" of the items
      found during one month for an entry at a later meeting is
      not allowed.

   2. Only one item may be entered in each category.

   3. A "verification committee" examines each entry just before
      the meeting starts to ensure correct labeling. Any questions about
      items entered should be raised then. The owner of the item
      submitted must be present at the club meeting until voting
      is finished.

   4. Items entered must have been found while "actively
      hunting". Some examples of "finds" which are not
      appropriate for entry would therefore be: (a) a Civil War
      Belt buckle you found in the lining of your great-
      grandfather's trunk, (b) a valuable coin you received in
      change or found while reupholstering a sofa, (c) a ring found
      in the parking lot while on your way to your car. These
      are simply examples--let the spirit of treasure hunting be
      your guide.

   5. Any find that is not a Civil War/Pre-Civil War relic or
      coin should be entered in the "Treasure" category.



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